Sep & Simon 7 questions

7 Questions with the kiff brasse Sep & Simon

Alrick September and Simon Orgill make up the entertainment duo and YouTube channel Sep & Simon. Their video skits, which have become a bit of a viral sensation in Cape Town of late, document typical Mother City interactions like chysing a girl and comedic anecdotes like”Types of Coloured’s” and “Torpies of Today” – they even feature some lekker recipes.
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Cape Town’s Yummiest Pizza.

We don’t need it to be winter to scoff our mouths with delish food and devouring an entire pizza , any time of year, is one of our favourite past times. We’re lucky enough to be living in a city with a host of amazing pizza joints all over the show! Here’s our list of Cape Town’s greatest spots to enjoy pizza.
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Cape Town in pictures

Cape Town in 16 Pictures

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with natural treasures such as Table Mountain and the Cape Winelands, to the cultural hubs of the City Centre and Woodstock. To celebrate the love we have for the Mother City, we’ve round up some of our favourite pictures (as taken by What’s Your Buzz) of this place we call home.
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Cape Town’s Best Burger Joints.

I’m sure you’re all well aware of our food obsessions here at WYB and one of our all-time-fave meals to engorge in are burgers. Burgers have gone from simplistic cheat meals to gourmet haven real fast and what better food stuff to enjoy after a long working week than a burger with your preferred toppings. From bacon to blue cheese to cranberry reduction – Cape Town’s hottest burger spots have it all. In no particular order, here’s our list of where to revel in all things burger in our gorgeous city!
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Wine Tasting In & Around Cape Town.

We like to consider ourselves more than wine enthusiasts here at What’s Your Buzz, after all we’re professionals, some might say “Wine Connoisseurs”.  We’ve done our fair share of tastings in and around the city and of course we HAVE to share our expertise with our favourite bunch, our WYB readers. Here’s your guide to tasting, slugging and possibly downing  (a bottle or three) in the Western Cape.
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