5 signs the apocalypse is near

5 signs the apocalypse is near

The end is near! The world turned upside down as soon as Tim Noakes uttered that dreadful word, Banting. Simply put, the entire world became befok, and people started coming up with the most ridiculous notions of food. We don’t like it. And it’s about time time we free’d the bread! If we don’t, we’ll tumble into controversy, and the world will come to an end.
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6 Things Faster Than Lynsey Sharp.

First things first, well done to the champion Caster Semenya for grabbing gold this weekend in Rio. We cheered you all the way and couldn’t be more proud of your result. Unfortunately, fellow competitor Lynsey Sharp (who placed 6th) took her post race interview with BBC as an opportunity to berate Caster saying “rule changes made it hard for others to compete”. We of course completely disagree and think we should share 6 things we think are faster than Lynsey Sharp.

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Tiger Tiger club South Africa

6 types of people that go to Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger is one of the worst places known to man, that is a fact, and now that they’re relaunching we’re left wondering “who even still goes there?”. After the student pissing episode of late 2015 and the sexist/racist dilemna of, well ever since the club opened, we really can’t understand why anyone would be interested in going back to that puke fest. But, like with any cult following, Tiger Tiger has its groupies. The guys and girls who will stand in unison in the streets of Mont in the name of Tequila, black pumps, polo shirts and of course White Supremacy, to chant the phrase “the jol must go on”. Here is our list of 6 people you are likely to fist bump inside of Tiger Tiger Cape Town.
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The Voice Newspaper

Most Ridiculous News Headlines

Yesterday morning we heard the strangest news headline being read out on Goodhope FM; it read Foreign’ tourist is killed when he bangs his head on the wall while having ‘vigorous sex’ with a transsexual escort in Thailand. Now this is very sad, and we would never laugh at someone’s untimeous passing, but this headline just goes to show how ridiculous life can sometimes be. I mean, how cool would it be to go out like this? Anyway, it got us thinking, what are some of the most unusual headlines up today? And obvs they are all from The Voice.
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best funny Instagram accounts

Best and Funniest Instagram accounts

In September last year, Instagram became one of the fastest growing social networks of all time. The social photo sharing app is estimated to have over 400 million active users, most of whom are narcissistic, pretentious twats; however, there are a select few IG users who are actually hilarious, somewhat strange and incredibly ridiculous. This is our roundup of the best and funniest Instagram accounts out there today.
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Stewie Family Guy

13 reasons why Stewie is the best character on Family Guy

Stewart Gilligan “Stewie” Griffin is the ultra violent, extremely witty son of Peter and Lois Griffin
in the adult animated series Family Guy. Eventhough he’s a baby, he seems to be smarter than the rest of his family combined, his best friend is a talking dog (who only he hears), and for some reason he is the only one in Quahog with a British accent. This alone has earned him the title of our favourite character on the show. Here are 13 more reasons why Stewie is the the best character on Family Guy.
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