Cringe-Worthy 90’s Fashion Trends.

Trust us when we say we’re 90’s babies – from being Friends obsessed to wearing bomber jackets and choker necklaces. We did it all and still do. Although some of these trends were awesome, there were some moments we look back and think “what on earth were people thinking?”. Here are our worst trends from the 90’s.
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Five Online Store’s That’ll Leave You Penny-less.

Online Shopping has fast become the latest fad among South Africans; welcome to 2009 right? With more and more stores popping up all over our Facebook newsfeed, and more banner ads spread across every-single-website, it makes it ridiculously painful for us not to splurge. For those of you whose fingers itch more than a mosquito bite during a ridiculously hot summer’s day, here are some websites to avoid:
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